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About Us

About Us

Explore the Universe of Fashion with Planet Octo

Join us in our interstellar journey, where we cherish the unconventional and encourage you to let your cosmic colors shine.

At Planet Octo, we believe that fashion should empower and inspire, not victimize or diminish. Our unique blend of space and octopus themes creates a sense of wonder and adventure that allows you to express your individuality while feeling fabulous and comfortable. Proudly Indian, we aim to bring luxury and simplicity together, making a statement without compromising on comfort.


Celestial Style, Rooted in India


Cosmic-Soft Material

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Interstellar Comfort

Delight in our Cosmic Soft Fabric, blending premium materials for unmatched softness and durability in every wear.

Size-Inclusive Range

Embrace your cosmic individuality with our size-inclusive collection, designed to accommodate and celebrate all shapes and sizes.

Preserving Our Cosmic Home, One Step at a Time

Planet Octo is deeply committed to taking decisive action in the battle against climate change. We recognize the vital importance of preserving our precious planet for the generations to come and continually strive to make a meaningful impact through conscientious and sustainable practices.

Our dedication to sustainability is evident in every aspect of our business, from selecting eco-friendly materials for our products to employing responsible manufacturing processes. We collaborate with like-minded suppliers who share our vision for a greener world, ensuring that every step of the journey, from design to delivery, aligns with our environmental values.

Furthermore, we are constantly researching and investing in innovative solutions to reduce our carbon footprint and minimize waste. Planet Octo actively supports environmental initiatives and organizations working towards the preservation and restoration of our planet's natural resources.

By choosing Planet Octo, you're not only embracing a unique and expressive fashion statement but also making a conscious choice to support a brand that cares for our cosmic home. Together, we can make a difference and create a brighter, more sustainable future for all.